The dramatic Live stage play production of the DEVIL'S SUPPER AND HIS UNEXPECTED GUEST will be held Saturday, June 24, 2023, starting at 2:30 pm. This production will be held at the Ron Robinson Theater in the River Market District located at 100 River Market District, Little Rock, AR 72201. The entrance is adjacent to the CALS parking lot.

This is not a spooky play that openly shows the schemes, craftiness, and tricks of the devil; such as lust, deception, strife, murder, pride, and much more.  This production also shows how the power of the Almighty God sustains and protects His children.   

Tickets are only $30.00 per person, and they can be purchased online at: and Uncle T"s Food Market, located at 1509 Daisy Bates, Little Rock, AR. For more information, call: 501-618-1216 or 501-744-0474. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.




Photo Gallery

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The pictures were placed in the albums in a way that would tell the story of the stage play from the beginning to the end.   However, due to a technical glitch in the system, several pictures in each album are not in order.  We pray that the glitch will be fixed, but in the meantime enjoy the albums.