Dramatics Productions Proclaiming the Word of God with a Spirit of Excellence

Welcome to Lifting Up Jesus Christ Ministries. We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.  We are honored and thankful to be used of God in His kingdom.  We are Lifting Up the Name of Jesus through dramatic productions which proclaim the Word of God with a spirit of excellence.

Lifting Up Jesus Christ Ministries (LUJCM) has been providing community based social programming in the form of skits and theatrical plays since 1993.  These presentations encourage and present a positive outlook on life for children, adults and the entire family. 

These plays are filled with hope, joy, laughter, healing, conviction and salvation.  Our prayers are that you will come and experience our soul stirring productions that will produce positive changes in your life and encourage you.  We are lifting up the name of Jesus through dramatic productions which proclaim the Word of God with a spirit of excellence.

The surplus from all productions will go toward the building of a 500 seat theater that will be built in Little Rock, AR.  This theater will also create jobs in the community while being a positive example in the city. The main purpose for this theater is being a haven for children that may be going through difficult situations in their homes and those that are not going through difficult situations. There will be a Theatrical School of Arts (TSOA) and Character Development Center (CDC) located in the facility. 


The TSOA will consist of acting, puppetry, dancing such as; choreography, tap dancing, creative dancing and mime. These classes will give the children a positive outlook on life with great alternatives. Instead of drugs, alcohol, violence, bullying, illicit sex and teen pregnancy. Their minds will be occupied with good things while creativity is being stirred up on the inside of them.


The CDC will have classes in etiquette and positive character development. These classes will build confidence, self-esteem, right decision making and knowing how to carry themselves at all time. We will equip today's youth with the knowledge of how to face challenges now and when they become adults.  They will be an asset rather than a liability to our society making a positive difference everywhere they go.   


You can be a part of helping them obtain and experience the vision that there is so much more in life. They can dream and do thing beyond their imagination, because the sky is limitless.  Will you become a partner to help ensure with us and others this will come to pass.


Your financial gift is tax deductible and will not be forgotten, please make checks payable to: LUJCM, the address is P.O. Box 192452, Little Rock, AR. 72219 or you can go to our online giving page and click on the donate button.   Thank you in advance for your support.







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