When a man loves the wrong woman, she can do no wrong.

He will tell everyone what a good thing he's found.

However his good thing is known to be other men good thing also.

Come and see this thrilling story unfold and you will be glad you did.

Evangelist T. Lowe Testimony

Evangelist Teretha Lowe Testimony

In 1981 God instantly and supernaturally delivered me from a life of drugs and alcohol.  I enjoyed getting drunk and high but once the high wore off I felt like I couldn't function properly.  There were times that I had needle tracks up and down my arms.  I was willing to take any type of drugs, whether it was heroin, LSD, marijuana or cocaine.  I just wanted to be spaced out all day and all night.

While in San Francisco I use to hitchhike a lot.  Sometimes I would make to my destination safely and sometimes hurt and wounded. After three years in San Francisco I came back home to Arkansas. I continued to get high.  I remember once I passed out at a stop light, the car was in park.  My children was trying to wake me up, so a man got out of his car and started  beating on the window and asked if everything was ok and drove off.  I know that it had to be the grace of God keeping me  and my children from death.

Years later I attended a church name Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church.   Bishop L. A. Lindsey and Lady Rosetta Lindsey were the Pastors.  God instantly delivered me from drugs and alcohol. I did not have to go to any AA meetings nor to a drug rehabilitation program.   I just came to Jesus and He instantly set me free.   I learned to live holy and grew spiritually  by leaps and bounds.  I was so excited about my new life that I wanted everyone to know about Jesus and I am still witinessing for the Lord.

Now I am writing,directing and producing plays, which is a gift  from God and I also preach the word of God, I truly thank Him for using me.  I also thank God for Bishop Silas and Lady Jennifer Johnson for allowing them to speak into my life.  The gift that was laying dormant was brought forth by their obedeince to God.  I  was in the right place at the right time to hear my pastor's voice .  To God be the glory for the things He has done, what He is doing and what He is going to do.